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VA Substitute Appreciation Day & Food Drive

We wanted to give a shout-out to our awesome Eastern Virginia Team. Yesterday, April 18th, the local Source4Teachers staff held a substitute appreciation event at Bethel High School in Hampton, VA. With another successful school year winding down, the team encouraged substitutes from four local school districts to stop by and enjoy some festivities. In conjunction with the event, the team hosted a food drive – and we were blown away by the level of participation!

About 150 substitutes attended the event, and contributed bags upon bags of food to donate. 67 substitutes participated in our Bloodborne Pathogen training in preparation for the 2017/18 school year. The food was later dropped off at Newport News’ South Morrison Center, benefiting students and their families. Check our some photos from the event and delivery below!

VA Food Drive 1.jpg

VA Food Drive 2.jpgBloodborne Pathogen Training.jpg


Event View.jpgSub Appreciation 2.jpg

Sub Appreciation.jpgSub Appreciation 3.jpg


Food Donation Table.jpgFood Delivery.jpg

Thank you to all who attended and donated – nice work team!