Summer Jobs for Teachers


Warm weather is upon us, and you know what that means – school's out for the summer! It's the perfect time for teachers to kick back, relax, and enjoy their time outside of the classroom. Or, is it the perfect time to find a seasonal job? 

Working a summer job is a great opportunity for teachers looking to fill their downtime and make some extra money! We found a list (from of recommended summer jobs for teachers, and eight companies that seek teachers to fill summer positions (from Here are some of our favorite suggestions:

Museum Educator
This is the perfect job for those who just can't get enough of teaching! Museums have a variety of positions including tour guide, researcher, docent, or educator. Check out the museums in your area and find one that fits your particular interests. The average rate for a museum educator is $12 per hour. 

Amusement Park Worker
There are tons of theme parks that hire for the season Dorney Park, Six Flags, Busch Gardens. If you live near an amusement park and want to fill your summer with the smell of popcorn and cotton candy, look into their open positions! You can be a ride operator, ticket seller, or food and beverage staff member. 

White Water Rafting Instructor
Okay we realize not everyone lives near raging rivers, but if you do, becoming a white water rafting instructor might be a great way to spice up your summer! You need a CPR and first aid certification and experience in a boat, but the job is both mentally and physically rewarding. The average pay is about $13 per hour.

Uber or Lyft Driver
Consider driving for the popular apps Uber or LyftAll you need is your own car. The best part about driving for these apps is that you choose your own hours. Flexibility is key for those who want to make a little money here and there, while still dedicating their summer to fun, relaxation, and travel!  

Concert Venue Worker
If you love live music, consider working at your local concert venue. You can actually get paid to go to concerts! Each venue is different, but you can expect to find jobs in security, parking services, VIP hosting, and food and beverage staff at most venues.  

Swim Instructor 
Make a splash this summer and become a swim instructor! HappySwimmers is one of the largest swim lesson providers in the U.S. They also hire employees to lifeguard at private events. Check out their website to apply for open positions in your area! 

Happy summer!