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Source4Teachers' Schuylkill & Luzerne Team Volunteered at 3 Events for People with Special Needs

We wanted to give a shout-out to our team in Schuylkill and Luzerne, PA who have gone above and beyond recently, volunteering their time at three events geared toward people with special needs. As a company, we work with students with special needs on a daily basis, striving to provide them with the support they need to succeed. We love to see our corporate employees taking extra initiative to contribute to such meaningful causes. 

Luzerne County Prom for Students with Special Needs
Source4Teachers Recruiter Maureen Iskra and Michelle Demich, owner of Hot Head's in West Pittston, PA, volunteered to do the hair and makeup of students who were attending the Luzerne County Special Needs Prom. Students and their families were invited to attend the event which was whimsically themed after the Candy Land board game. They had a DJ, and the kids danced the night away!

Maureen and Michelle plan to volunteer for this event annually, and hope to gather more people to volunteer so that all of the girls have the opportunity to get their hair and makeup done for an extra special night.

Maureen and Michelle.jpg Candy Land Prom.jpg  12926.jpeg
Source4Teachers Recruiter Maureen Iskra and Hot Head's Owner Michelle Demich Luzerne County Candy Land Prom for Students with special needs and their families One of the prom hairstyles created for the Luzerne County Candy Land Prom

Schuylkill County Special Olympics
Source4Teachers Applicant Specialist Carly Crago, Recruiter Maureen Iskra, and District Manager Jerry Fleming volunteered at the Schuylkill County Special Olympics which took place on Wednesday, May 10th. The team assisted with setting up all of the events in the morning, then they ran the tennis ball throw event. They worked with ages ranging from 12 to 40 years old in their respective heats, and distributed ribbons to the winners!

 Special Olympics 3.jpg
Left to right: Applicant Specialist Carly Crago; Recruiter Maureen Iskra; and District Manager Jerry Fleming 

North Schuylkill Spartan Games
The Source4Teachers team also volunteered at the Spartan Games, which were developed by North Schuylkill School District to supplement the Schuylkill County Special Olympics (for children who missed the deadline or were not old enough). Source4Teachers Regional District Manager Stephanie Ritz and District Manager Jerry Fleming assisted with the 100m dash while Applicant Specialist Carly Crago and Recruiter Maureen Iskra assisted with the long-jump event. 

Spartan Games.jpg

Left to right: Applicant Specialist Carly Crago; District Manager Jerry Fleming; Regional District Manager Stephanie Ritz; and Recruiter Maureen Iskra

Nice work, team!