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Awards & Recognition

Congratulations to Our March Raffle Winners!

Each month, we're giving away more than $1,000 worth of prizes to some lucky employees who meet or exceed certain work frequency and performance qualifications. We want to reward our most dedicated people with an opportunity to win something big! We're excited to announce the winners of our March Raffle!

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Company & Community Events

Source4Teachers Supports Autism Awareness

Many of the support staff we rely on each day at Source4Teachers and MissionOne work closely with students with autism. Since World Autism Day (April 2nd) falls on a Sunday this year, our office used Friday to acknowledge the compassionate work these employees do each day and support a cause that continues to grow in scope and importance.

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Tips4Subs, Classroom Management

How to Get Students to Mind Their Own Business

As a general rule, children tend to be busy bodies. They worry themselves with what their classmates are (or are not) doing, they pick on each other, they tattletale nonstop, and sometimes they even have wandering eyes when taking a test. These behaviors can cripple the productivity of your classroom, and not to mention – really get on your nerves! So what can you do to help your students...

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Education Inspiration

Heartwarming Notes from Students that Prove Teaching is Worthwhile

Whether you're a full-time teacher or a substitute, chances are you've received some notes of adoration and refrigerator-worthy artwork from a student. It doesn't take long to work your way into the hearts of your students you never know which of your actions might leave a lasting impression or gain you a personal fan club. 

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Teacher Humor

Friday Joke: A New Substitute Wondered What He Got Himself Into...

Walking through the hallways at the middle school where he works, a teacher saw a new substitute teacher standing outside his classroom with his forehead against a locker. He heard him mutter, “How did you get yourself into this?”

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Education Trends, Education News & Politics

The Trump Administration's Early Impact on Education

If you value keeping up-to-date with what's going on in the world of education policy, you may be interested in an upcoming webinar hosted by Vanderbilt's Peabody College of Education and Human Development: Trump's First 100 Days and the Impact on Education. On Tuesday, March 28th at 9:00 am, a panel of Peabody researchers with wide-ranging expertise in education policy will discuss a...

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Education Inspiration

Our 12 Favorite Inspirational Quotes for Teachers

Every day, teachers inspire their students to work hard, overcome obstacles, and push themselves to achieve incredible things. Today, we'd like to place teachers on the receiving end of the inspiration – so we present to you our top twelve favorite spirit-lifting quotes for teachers!

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Education Trends

A Look at Women in Education: In Honor of International Women's Day - By Kendley Davenport

Yesterday was International Women’s Day. It received quite a bit of media coverage, as it should. In many areas in the country and in various ways, people participated in “A Day Without Women” to prove the important role women play in our daily lives – in business, in their communities, and at home.

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5 Types of People Who Should Consider Substitute Teaching

Becoming a substitute teacher comes with some unique job perks that aren't common elsewhere. Whether you’re enrolled in college, retired, or any life stage in between, substitute teaching is a rewarding (and flexible!) undertaking. 

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Tips4Subs, Teacher Humor

A Pep Talk for Teachers & Students – from Kid President!

Kid President's videos somehow manage to be genuine, silly, and profoundly motivational – all at the same time. We are huge fans! We thought you might enjoy Kid President's Pep Talk for Teachers and Students which we found on SoulPancake's YouTube channel and have included below.

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