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Here's Why You Should Stick with Teaching Next Year


Here we are again, quickly approaching the end of another school year – which every teacher knows comes with some unique challenges. The kids are starting to feel burnt out and lose focus, while you're still charged with imparting important knowledge upon their young minds. As a teacher, maybe you are feeling burnt out too. You're tired and frustrated, and may find yourself questioning whether you should explore a new career path. 

But you shouldn't quit teaching, and here's why...

  1. Yours is one of the most important jobs in the world; society would not function without you!
  2. You influence the future on a day-to-day basis.
  3. You shape the leaders of tomorrow – not only teaching them reading, math, and science, but also building their character and boosting their confidence.
  4. You allow students who weren't born into the most favorable circumstances to change their stars, just by believing in them (and helping them to believe in themselves too).
  5. You care. Isn't that why you became a teacher in the first place? 

Still in need of some inspiration?

Check out WeAreTeachers' recent post, Dear Friend About to Leave Teaching. "It may not seem like it most days, but your words and actions change lives. People look up to you, and you CANNOT let them down. You make a difference and giving up is not an option."

Also check out Trevor Muir's YouTube Video, Teaching is Tiring (and worth it)"Being a teacher is tiring. But when a student shows you their first college acceptance letter, or reads for the first time, or realizes the immense power of their words, or stands up to a bully in the hallway, or sits with the lonely kid at lunch, or geeks out about the ending of a novel, or bursts through the door of your classroom one morning to tell you they know what they want to do someday, or learns from their failure, or can finally solve this equation, or starts believing in themselves right before your eyes, or returns to your class years later to thank you – being tired... is worth it."

You have earned the right to be tired. And you've certainly earned the right to a relaxing summer break. Just remember: The most tiring undertakings in life are also usually the most worthwhile. Continue on the path of your special calling, because you are appreciated more than you could know!