Awards & Recognition

Congratulations to Our March Employees of the Month!

Employee-of-the-Month.jpgEach month, our partner school districts submit glowing reviews about excellent Source4Teachers and MissionOne employees, from which we select an employee of the month from each organization. We're pleased to honor our March winners!

Lucinda Critchlow - March.jpgSource4Excellence Winner: Lucinda Critchlow, PA
Lucinda began substituting with Source4Teachers in August 2014 and since then has worked an incredible 323 days! She accepts a variety of positions through the Lincoln Intermediate Unit and was nominated by LIU Emotional Support Supervisor, Lesli Staley. 

"Lucinda (Cindy) is a vital substitute in my Emotional Support Program. She develops a rapport with the students and is willing to go wherever she is needed. Cindy will change locations if needed on a minute's notice. My staff and students enjoy having Cindy in the classroom. She does a great job and I am always happy when I see her name appear on my daily report," said Staley.

Haydee Quezada - March.jpgMission of Excellence Winner: Haydee Quezada, NJ
Haydee works with MissionOne as an aide in Clementon School District's Behavioral Disability (BD) Program. She was enthusiastically nominated by area manager, Candace Coleman:

"Haydee joined MissionOne in December 2015 and has remained in the same classroom with the same teacher since then. Her wealth of experience raising her own children makes her an outstanding aide. Haydee has a level of patience with the students in the BD program that no other aide has displayed. Before she came onboard, numerous behavioral issues occurred frequently within the class and since Haydee took over, there have been few to none. Haydee is a well-rounded employee and shines in every area," said Coleman.

Congratulations Cindy and Haydee – and keep up the excellent work!