5 Types of People Who Should Consider Substitute Teaching

Types of People Who Schould Consider Substitute Teaching

Becoming a substitute teacher comes with some unique job perks that aren't common elsewhere. Whether you’re enrolled in college, retired, or any life stage in between, substitute teaching is a rewarding (and flexible!) undertaking. 

Graduation Cap Icon.png1. College Students
I’m sure you’ve heard the stereotype of the “poor college student." The balancing act between taking classes and holding down a job can be challenging and exhausting. Luckily, many states allow you to become a substitute teacher if you have a high school diploma or a certain number of college credits – regardless of your major! As a substitute, you have complete autonomy over when and how often to work, while enjoying some extra spending money and weekends off. 

Apple Icon.png2. Teachers-To-Be
Teaching hopefuls are not always hired right out of college, so subbing is a smart option while you wait to land that full-time gig. Subbing helps you find your "sweet spot" by exposing you to a variety of grade levels, schools, and situations. You’ll have the chance to network with multiple schools that are more likely to hire someone who's known and trusted. Not to mention, you’ll have invaluable first-hand experience that will boost your confidence as a first-year teacher.

Magnifying Glass Icon.png3. Job Seekers
Whether you’re fresh out of college or between jobs, substitute teaching is not only for those who aim to be teachers. The flexible schedule accommodates job seekers because they can easily set up interviews and pursue other opportunities while keeping their income flowing in the meantime. You will gain many skills that are transferable to any career path you choose! (also see: 10 Transferable Skills of Substitute Teaching)

Home Icon.png4. Stay-at-Home Parents
Some stay-at-home parents might want to supplement  income without sacrificing time spent with children. Substitute teaching offers the perfect opportunity to work only the hours your kids are in school! You'll never have to beg for time off when your child has a dentist appointment or an after school soccer match – simply don’t schedule an assignment for that day. Plus, you might learn some techniques to help your children perform better in school.

Glasses Icon.png5. Retirees
Not having to report to work sounds appealing, but retirees often miss having a job. Of course, that doesn’t mean they want to jump back into the full-time daily grind. Substitute teaching offers the opportunity to partake in a meaningful job, while continuing to enjoy the well-earned benefits and lifestyle of retirement. As an added bonus, working with children can bring great joy to your life!